• Mission

    Cardboard furniture creates solutions to decorate exhibition spaces as well as working and living places, with an eco-design among with the reduction of environmental impact.
    The materials used, the technologies and design are mixed to create functional and long lasting products.

  • Our philosophy

    We believe that the priority in the choice of workplaces and houses forniture, is to respect the health of the people living there, reducing to zero the emissions of formaldehyde, toxic substances and heavy metals.
    A production based on eco-design products, creates a concrete contribution towards clean development with low environmental impact. Our goals is to design solutions that would match ecological and economic convenience.

  • Ecology and environment

    The material is certified, extract only from natural cellulose and starch. There is neither trace of chemicals nor heavy metals. It’s 100% natural and 100% recyclable.

    Cardboard is an ancient material, known for different uses from furniture. Now the evolution allows new techniques that can be used for home furniture construction.

  • Recycling

    The materials, technologies and design are mixed to create functional and durable products with zero impact. All components of our furniture are natural and 100% recyclable.

  • Health

    Too often, we surround ourselves with furniture and objects that contain harmful chemicals, toxic and carcinogenic. With cardboard furniture you can limit your intake passive harmful substances. Cardboard is a natural and ecological material that does not contain chemicals or other dangerous substances.

  • eco-delivery

    Our furniture and furnishing transport has been designed to ensure maximum savings to the user. The packaging of our furniture is made from environmentally friendly material and have a limited volume, thus both the delivery and the logistic are cheaper than similar products. All items are shipped disassembled, ensuring a reduced space for the transport and a consequent resources saving.